Come Saturday, I’ll be all moved into my new condo with this gal! Brunette Girls

[Saturday night… I wish I could share the rest of the hilarious pictures and videos. I love my friends haha]

Get used to her pretty face because I’m sure you’ll be seeing it a lot around the blog (which isn’t a bad thing… she IS a babe.) 😉

I spent the weekend house sitting near my new condo and we painted my room on Saturday!

Painting Room GraySlateGrayWalls

I decided to go with “concrete gray” walls, and I’m decorating with mustard yellow and white accents 🙂 I’ll be sure to upload pics once I’m all moved in!


By the way… I went to a spin class on Saturday and let’s just say that was completely unnecessary. I’ve painted my room in nearly every house I’ve lived in, yet always seem to forget what a WORKOUT it is! Holy cow!

Side note: Target, aka a woman’s holy grail, is my JAM! Once I upload the pics of my finished room, I’ll include details about where I bought everything (Target, Target and Target). I could seriously decorate for a living. Housewife, heeeeey! 😛 I have my eye on this storage bench because it perfectly matches my pillows, but I don’t know if I can pull the trigger yet. We shall see.

After a weekend full of rest and fun workouts, I was back on track today teaching my Body Works class and also completed this back and biceps workout:


I’ve also decided to leave out the “fat loss” title of this 12-week workout plan. While my goal right now IS to lose some fat, I don’t want to give off the impression that I’ve gone back to my old ways of caring only about appearance.

This decision was sparked by a comment I received from someone asking me why it seemed like I was going back to my old ways. My response in my head: WELL DAMN. It does seem like that, doesn’t it? (Old ways meaning disordered, only caring about body image, etc.)

Here was my response to her:

I’m still accepting and appreciating my body 🙂 I’ve just made a goal to get in a little bit better shape since at first I was stuck bingeing, then I wasn’t eating enough, and then went back to bingeing. Now I’m just trying to balance it all out and figure things out the healthy way 🙂 I’m accepting my body the way it is in the process, and loving it every step of the way (which is a way different mentality than I would’ve had before– focusing solely on looks and not how I felt or fueling my body properly.) Now, I’m fueling my body properly, loving it how it is, but still striving to improve my health and fitness. Thanks for your concern!

Again, I’m still a work in progress and my NO MEANS do I have everything all figured out just yet. Who knows, maybe I never will. But that’s why I have this little space over in my corner of the internet… to share my struggles, share things that make me happy (working out is one of them, which is why I’m sharing my workouts for 12 weeks), and help others live a healthier and happier life overall. I hope that helping YOU also helps ME, as I write to learn and learn from my own writing.

Thanks for reading 🙂 This was way longer than I expected! But my heart it so full of gratitude for you all. And it also happens to be my one year blogiversary! Dawwww 🙂 ❤


11 thoughts on “I’M MOVING

  1. I love Target, I love greys and whites and yellows (this is why we’re twinsies!) and I looooove youuuu. Can’t wait to see it all when I move in too! (sike!!)

  2. Having your friend on this blog isn’t a bad thing, but I don’t know if this Texas boy can handle looking at you both in the same picture! WOW! I may have to go rent a room in that condo! 😛

    Also, if you want to be a housewife I am taking applications!

    All kidding aside, I am glad you have found a roommate and I am sure it will be nice to come home having a friend there. Does she have the same fitness/health mind set as you?

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