Everyone Will Always Have an Opinion

….. And I’m learning to take it with a grain of salt.

I’ve never been really skinny or overweight. I’ve always been an average-size woman (I can say that because I’m 22 now) with curves.

‘Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe

I had body image issues for a while and thought that once I became “thin” all my problems would go away.

Wrong, wrong, more wrong. Because guess what happened when I became “thin” (I say that in quotation marks because while, yes, I have decreased my body fat percentage & have more muscle definition, my blood work and energy levels indicate I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been) — now no one will shut up about how thin I look, and not in a good way. I’ve had family members say they’re concerned about how thin I’m getting, and I “better not lose any more weight because I don’t want to look sick.”

Then I began to wonder, where did I miss the happy medium? I made a decision to get in shape and eat healthy and in the process, my body changed. Now that I’m teaching group exercise on top of my regular workout routine, I’m burning more calories. TRUST ME PEOPLE. I EAT LIKE A (healthy) PIG.


Except on my birthday. PS — I owe you all a birthday & race recap post!

My point is that in every aspect of life, someone will always have an opinion.

You should eat more. You should eat less. You should accept the job. You can’t succeed in that area. You don’t have enough experience. You should totally eat 90 pounds of broccoli and 99% fat free chicken breasts every meal of every day. Don’t look at your phone past 10 or else your brain waves will spontaneously combust while you’re sleeping.

OK, now I’m being facetious but you get the point. If everyone just focused on their own self improvement, there would be no time left to criticize others.

I’ve learned you can’t make everyone happy. Everyone will always have an opinion. Be smart enough to know who to listen to and who to tune out. Ultimately, you’re the only person who knows what’s best for you. 

Happy Wednesday, lovers! Keep it sassy. 

[Of Possible Interest:]

The Connection Between Sleep and Appetite via Psychology Today
The Sincerest Love – The Love for Food <– an article after my own heart. Love this because it talks about food in a positive way
When Everyone Has an Opinion About What You’re Doing via Positively Positive <– great advice for dealing with conflicting opinions


23 thoughts on “Everyone Will Always Have an Opinion

    • We can always relate to each other 🙂 I feel MUCH happier when I ignore the opinions of others… Although I def agree it’s easier said than done. Sometimes they just stick with ya, ya know?

  1. Great post love. Having what other people say in the back of our minds is tough! I had that once & I felt as if I questioned my every move and if what I was doing was “OK” to them and not me. I’m not sure how or when. but when day I woke up and everything changed, I stopped worrying about their voices, their thoughts and remembered.. oh wait this is MY LIFE 🙂

    • AMEN SISTER! Gotta live life for yourself and no one else because at the end of the day, you have to live with your decisions. Life’s too short to be unhappy or worry about what others think 🙂

  2. First of all, happy belated birthday!
    Second, you look amazing! And the most important part of that is that you’ve achieved it through positive means, and that you’re overall healthy and HAPPY! Because that second part is always the hardest to come by (I know I’ve been guilty in the past of “never enough”…at such weight I’ll be happy. Some day I’ll share my story).

  3. Since you didn’t post on your birthday I had to resort to Twitter to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will be anticipating that recap. I tend to respond better to opinions when there is some sort of solution or fact to accompany it, to use your phone after 10 example for instance, there are studies that have shown you’ll sleep better if you cut out electronics at least an hour before bed. I can appreciate that. But when it’s just something like “you work out too much,” then I’m left feeling like… okay so? (does that make sense?) This was a great post, girl!

  4. Wow! Never thought I would have a woman in the Blog world say to me “‘Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe”!! HAHA

    The truth is it is easier to say something about someone else than it is to honestly look at ourselves. Also, it is easier to criticize something than to come up with a solution to fix it.

    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!!

    • Hahahaha gotta love Beyonce! I find that people who make rude comments are usually hurting on the inside, so I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. If you feel good, you have no problem building others up (which also builds you up in return! Win-win!)

      • Well I may not be ready for your or Beyonce’s bootylicious body, but I am open to the challenge!!

        I totally agree with you. I have heard it takes 9 positive statements to cancel every 1 negative comment you make to someone.

        Women have it much harder growing up than men do. The standards for you all are unrealistic. Also, women are much harder on each other.

  5. Love this and agreed! People have so many opinions about things that have nothing to do with them. I say the more supportive we can be of each other, the happier we all will be! Hope you had a good bday!

    • Exactly! I wish people would just think about how their words affect others… or even think before they speak in general. Think about how good it makes you feel to pay others a compliment, now WHYYYY do you feel the need to hurt me & yourself?! Craziness.

  6. GREAT post Julie! I love this: If everyone just focused on their own self improvement, there would be no time left to criticize others. It’s SO TRUE! Also, thanks for the laugh over the thought of brainwaves spontaneously combusting 😉

  7. I feel awful for forgetting your birthday – I hope it was wonderful!

    When I lost a lot of weight, boys had the nerve to say “you were hotter before you lost your a**”. Isn’t that unreal? Now that I’m really fit, people say how much better I look now. We as girls will never make everyone happy.

  8. Such a great post and so true! Everyone always wants to chime in with there oh so unhelpful opinions.

    You look fantastic and you’ve worked out what’s right for you and are feeling great and that is all that matters!

  9. Such a good post 🙂 I lost a lot of weight way back and while I WOULD want those closest to me to intervene if I really ever did go down a bad slope, it seemed as though everyone commenting were people who didn’t care before. Sometimes ya just gotta let people think what they think! Their problem not mine! 🙂

    You look awesome!!

    • My thoughts exactly! I love compliments but I hate when people say it in a negative way. My grandma always said “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” SO. TRUE. And thank you lovely, as do you!!!!!!

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