Guest Post for Daily Cup of AsheeJoJo

While Ashleigh was being fabulous in Vegas for her birthday weekend, I had the honor of guest posting for her blog!


Check out my post for this little cutie HERE. It’s all about loving yourself no matter what point you’re at in your health and fitness journey. Here’s an exclusive VIP sneak peak 😉

“Let’s face it, we put our body through some pretty tough stuff. Demanding workouts, different diets and indulgences. Shouldn’t we at least be able to show it a little love?! What’s all the hard work for if we can’t appreciate it?”

Let’s chat: Do you ever feel insecure? Do you find yourself working toward SOME end point, but don’t know what or where that end point is?

Of Possible Interest: 
Time to Get Real <– This post details where I was & how far I’ve come
Appreciate the Journey 
Stopped Focusing on Results and Started Seeing Them


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