I’m Done Doing Things I Don’t Enjoy

I had an epiphany at the gym today. Looking out the window and thinking about how beautiful of a day it was, I thought to myself, “I could really use a tan. I need to go lay out.” If there’s one thing in life I hate (yes, I know. Strong word. Perhaps we can say strongly, strongly, strongly dislike :-)) it’s laying out and baking in the sun. Dripping sweat for no reason just isn’t fun to me. Neither is sun burn. Or skin cancer.

My brother's dog. Clearly we do not have a lot in common.

My brother’s dog. Clearly we do not have a lot in common.

Do I look better with a tan? Probably. But I don’t care enough to sacrifice my health and waste my time laying out if I don’t enjoy it. (Being at the beach is a different story 😉)

This got me thinking, what else do I do on a daily or weekly basis that I don’t enjoy? I do it because I “have to do it” or “should be doing it.” Sure there are things in life I have to do and don’t necessarily feel like doing. School, work, cleaning. Sometimes even working out can feel like a chore after a long day.

But what am I doing in my free time that’s keeping me from happiness? SHOULD I lay out and get a tan? Probably. SHOULD I be reading a Shakespeare novel because it will make me smarter than reading Fifty Shade of Grey? Probably. But I don’t enjoy reading Shakespeare and I don’t enjoy laying out. So why waste my time?

Let me reiterate the point I’m trying to make: don’t waste your time doing something you don’t enjoy. This goes for exercise as well. If you don’t like running, don’t run. If you don’t like lifting weights, do yoga. Everyone is different and there is no “one size fits all” in exercise. Do what you love and you’re more likely to stick with it long term.

Are you doing things you don’t enjoy just because you feel like you SHOULD be doing them? What would the world be like if we did everything with passion and love? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy hump daaaaaaaaaay! (<– best commercial EVER, by the way!)



6 thoughts on “I’m Done Doing Things I Don’t Enjoy

    • I’ve been in that situation too. I just tried to focus on the things in my life that made me happy until I was able to take control of the situation and move on. Wishing you all the best!

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