Cleveland: Part 2

I spend a majority of my day working on my summer classes (all 4- yikes!), but it turns out I’m actually enjoying them quite a bit! They’re sociology and philosophy courses and I’ve actually considered changing my major to philosophy. (Totally kidding, 6 months left and never looking back)

Despite my hectic school schedule, my second weekend in Cleveland brought more fun adventures! First stop: Broaaaaaadwayyyyy (jazz hands) 

999323_10152063877813266_1048785227_n 1045114_10152062620463266_1304686097_n

The Book of Mormon was hilarious, but wrong. So, so, so wrong. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor about five times. We had such a great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company and the venue was beautiful!


After the show, my uncles and I had dinner at Dante. The menu had quite a selection and the night resulted in a few “firsts” for me. (Actually, everything we ate was new to me.) We started off with two appetizers to share and split everything between the three of us.

Lobster Spring Roll with pencil asparagus & truffled mushroom ragout- my absolute favorite!


Hawaiian Tuna Tartare with poached egg, olive caper remoulade & crisp potatoes


Cinnamon Rubbed Duck Breast with rhubarb dumplings, arugula & baby beets


Truffled Scallops and Ramps with white bean puree, broccolini & potato crisp


Warning: Vegetarian friends… Close your eyes

Grilled Spanish Octopus (what?!) with chorizo sausage, artichokes & kalamata olivesOctopus

The sight of the octopus seriously freaked me out. I’ve just recently become acquainted with seafood so anything besides non-fishy fish (very technical term) scares me… Plus anything that looks like it’s original form. I used to cry in the grocery store when I was little because the lobsters in the tank scared me. But, I must admit, everything was quite delicious. I’m proud of myself for trying so many new things in the past few months! Keep an open mind and life is much more fun :-).

I’ll leave you with this masterpiece:
Peanut Butter Banana Cheesecake with chocolate covered pretzels & rocky road ice cream.
Need I say more? 



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