Total Body At Home Circuit Workout

We have lots of catching up to do, my friend! After three and a half days of road tripping to Chicago, we finally made it! We made some great stops along the way in Tennessee at Rock City and at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. My dad spent a few days in Chicago before flying back home and here are some highlights of our time so far in Chicago:

  • Brookfield Zoo. I still get excited like a little kid when it comes to seeing animals. 🙂



We had a great time laughing about this resemblance.


Anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with giraffes. I could lie and say that I didn’t drag my family to the zoo just to see them but….. 😉

  • Cubs game! The weather was perfect and I loved spending the day with just my pops. We enjoyed a bison filet at a nearby steak house afterward. Apparently bison is the “norm” up north. I’ve never tried it until now and it tastes just like beef but is much leaner. I was happy to have leftovers!


Since I’ve spent the majority of the month traveling, I’ve had to improvise my workouts quite a bit. Here’s a perfect at home circuit workout that requires no equipment but is guaranteed to get you super sweaty!


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