Travel Food Prep

It’s time for me to embark on my cross-country journey to Chicago! I’m leaving tomorrow morning bright and early and I spent the day packing and preparing my belongings for my three month stay. For those of you new to my blog, I have an internship in Chicago over summer and I’ll be living with my brother until mid-August.

I also spent an hour or two prepping some snacks for my trip. Since the drive will be two days, I wanted to be extra prepared for when hunger strikes between our main meals. Gas station food just doesn’t cut it for me ;-).

After having breakfast with some friends and saying goodbye, I made a stop at Fresh Market.

Obviously, I had to grind my own almond butter! I didn’t even know Fresh Market had this available and I was so happy when I spotted it. My friend Kathryn got me hooked on the stuff while I was in California and it tastes sooo much better than any jarred spread!

Me blowing almond butter kisses 😉


During my trip to Fresh Market I also picked up low sodium oven roasted turkey breast lunch meat and my favorite popcorn, Boom Chicka Pop. When I got home, I made some hard boiled eggs and prepped veggies for the road.


Featured in this picture: carrots, bananas, chopped cucumbers, chopped red peppers, one mango & a plum, romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, blueberries, turkey breast and green beans.

Look how simple these snacks are! You can easily take these on long road trips or even to work/school as I often do. As the saying goes: fail to prepare & you prepare to fail! You don’t bust your butt in the gym to eat gas station food :-). This will also save so much time and money because we won’t have to constantly stop to get snacks. Just an FYI… I try to avoid eating lunch meat because it’s rather high in sodium but it’s very convenient for an added punch of protein when traveling.

Oh and the best part of my food prep today? PALEO PROTEIN BROWNIES! Be on the look out for the recipe tomorrow. They came out soooo moist and delicious and were super easy to make!


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