Great Articles

I spend a lot of time reading various health and fitness articles I come across. Obviously I would bore everyone to death if I shared every single thing I read, but this one really hit home to me. Our society is full of girls that spend more time caring about looks than they do education, careers, or bettering themselves. Why? Because society tells us that in order to achieve certain success as a woman, we must look, act, think or dress a certain way.

This article is the PERFECT example of this. In a nutshell, it emphasizes the “strong is the new skinny” phrase. What could women accomplish if we were taught all our lives to be strong rather than skinny? Better relationships? Better grades?

“It’s tragic because you have to the think of all of the potential that is lost when a whole generation of girls care more about fitting into minuscule pants instead of… oh I don’t know… running for student council, pursing a passion, studying, volunteering, playing sports, working, furthering woman’s rights… the list could go on and on.”

I hope you enjoy!


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