Sprints & Exercising Away From Home

I’m one of the oddballs who actually looks forward to exercising on vacation. I love getting outdoors and exploring new things and I’m constantly in search of things to do outside. What can I say, I’m a nature girl. 🙂

On the second day of my trip to California, I took a long walk while my friend was at work. California is FULL of hills! I know some of you are thinking, “Duh. What’s the big deal?” Ummm.. the big deal is that Florida is literally F-L-A-T. I’m talking not even 1% incline on the treadmill flat. Needless to say, my legs and buns are so sore from walking around here so much.

During my walk, I became a bit ambitious and deciding to run some uphill sprints. This picture doesn’t serve the hill justice whatsoever — Let’s just say by the time I was 75% of the way up, I felt like I was running in place! If death by sprints was a real thing, this would be the epitome.


I did 10 sprints (sprint up, walk back down.) The elevation difference also made it super hard for me to breathe & I wasn’t used to the lack of humidity in the air. It almost felt like a cold morning run here in Florida. So strange but I loved it!

Here’s another beautiful picture from my walk:


Yesterday morning, we woke up and did some stair intervals. I’m pretty sure we sprinted up 8 times.


I’m sure going to miss this place!


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