One Person That Makes a Difference Series

makingadifferenceWe live in a society where judgment reigns supreme. We’re constantly bombarded with images and suggestions about how we should look, dress and feel on a daily basis. It’s exhausting! Whether you’re male or female, we’re both subject to criticism. The purpose of this series is to point out a few awesome superstars that are making all the difference in this world by being comfortable in their own skin.

We’ve all been bullied — from the media, classmates, colleagues and sometimes even by friends and family with “good intentions.” We’re too fat, too skinny, too ugly. Our clothes aren’t fashionable, our skin isn’t clear enough, we have cellulite. Our hair has to be a certain length, our clothes a certain style, our bones must stick out to have the “magazine” look. All because they say so.

I think it’s about time to STOP listening to them. Who are they anyway? Who makes all these rules?

If you take away one thing from ever reading my blog I hope it’s this: People will never remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. 

When you pass, no one will remember what you looked like or what size jeans you wore. People will remember they way you made them feel — your relationships, the times you went out of your way to be nice or helpful.

I understand that we can’t make the world a better place all at once or figure it out individually, but we can be one person who makes a difference. You can’t fix the drop-out rate of students, but you can buy a student school supplies who otherwise would have none, in hopes that they will go to school that year and become someone incredible. You can’t save every marriage or relationship, but you can be nice to your spouse and the people in your life. You can’t transform the world, but you can walk out of the door each day striving to be a better person. Don’t just be like the world. If you give expecting to get something in return, what credit does that give you? Give something you know you’ll never get back. That’s where the difference lies. We can’t make the world safe or figure it out, but we can be one person that makes a difference.

I’m going to showcase individuals who display selfless acts of courage and bravery to stand apart in today’s society. They love themselves. They love other people. They’re grateful to be alive in order to find their own purpose in life, while helping others do the same. Cheers to the beautiful people in this world. 


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