Black Coffee and Chocolate Bunnies

eastersunriseRegardless of your religious beliefs, I am an honest believer that we should all be grateful for our life here on earth. You woke up today. You’re reading this blog post, meaning you have access to technology that 95% of the world does not. You have eyes that see to read this, fingers that work to respond and a functioning brain that allows you to navigate the depths of the internet and form coherent thoughts.

Whether today is just another day to you, or the most important, symbolic day of the year (as it is in my case), take a moment to appreciate your health, relationships and the people in your life. We often find ourselves going through the measures of each day without stopping to truly appreciate the beauty in life. Waking up and being able to live is one of the greatest gifts we are given.

Some may call it luck, others like myself call it being blessed. Either way, you are. Next time you are on a treadmill or lifting weights, take a look in the mirror and notice how strong you are. How intricately your muscles work together to lift heavy objects. Your body is capable of almost anything, as long as you believe that it is. Embrace that. Embrace the ability to take a walk with your friends, play with your children, or spend time at the gym as a release. Don’t take these gifts for granted and remember that some others would kill to be in your shoes.

Today, you have the ability to change your health and your body. When you start to recognize that your body was given to you as a gift, you will learn to appreciate how hard it works for you. Repay yourself. Feed your body with nutritious, whole foods that help support your powerful muscles and complicated nervous system. Reap the benefits of increased energy so you are able to give back to the world by doing things that you love. Our bodies are sacred. They’re our temples and they shouldn’t be treated as anything less. What you put in, you get out. You wouldn’t put regular gas into a diesel engine and expect it to run properly, would you?

Today, you have the ability to change someone’s life with your kind words. Our lives are meaningless without relationships. Smile at someone today — you never know if it could make their day. Hold the door open. Let a car out in front of you. Save the judgment and harsh criticisms. It takes much less effort to look at the positives in a situation than it does the negatives. Be grateful for the life that you have and spend time with the people you love. Your mental, physical and spiritual health are all intertwined. You can’t have one without the other. Make an extra effort today to make the people in your life feel important. Tell them you love them. Tell them how much they mean to you. We live such short, fragile lives that wasting any time is foolish. The time is now. Make someone’s day and I guarantee it will make yours.

Most importantly: Be happy today. You’re alive and well. Some people can’t say that much. 

Love life and it will love you back. 

Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Black Coffee and Chocolate Bunnies

  1. What great insight this is ! Many people believe it, but so few live it. Change yourself, Make a difference, Change the world !

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